Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mixed media bookmark fun

Up until last night we finally got some glorious sunshine and warmth again and it completely lifted my spirits. I decided to get into my craftroom, open the roman blind, and let the sun pour in to inspire me. 

I've been a collector of paint chips from just about anywhere I can get them, from the time I started doing art journaling. Not only do I love the colours, but they make an excellent journal strip if you need something colourful and practical at the same time. But a couple of days ago, I decided on another use for them....mixed media bookmarks.

Whenever I go to Chapters with my husband, I'm always looking for unique bookmarks and I came up short last week when I went to get one. So it was time to make my own, I figured. I created one using a pink chip, some Prima paper scraps I had that I love, and some canvas and Prima embellishments and stamps. I adored how it turned out, so I made three others to give away to friends.

If you want to make your own, I would highly recommend that you reinforce them with some strong scrapbook paper glued to the back. That way you know the bookmark will last for a long time without becoming ratty and torn (unless of course you like that look).

I hope you are inspired by this and have fun with your scraps to create something similar. I'm going to make many more of these in the near future because they make me happy.

Have a great week!


Nicky said...

These are absolutely beautiful! Very creative and a great gift idea for a reader.

Unknown said...

What a lovely set of tags! Very creative and wonderful colors. Thank you for playing along with us over at PWP. Good luck!