Sunday, October 23, 2011

Can it really be two months?

Yes I guess it has. Time flies and we all would like to be able to get some more of it in our grasp, wouldn't we? I've been busy learning new techniques, hoarding more yummy juicy supplies and learning more about fibromyalgia. It's something that I think I've come to terms with, although at times I just want my life back. So I pour my emotions into journal pages in hopes of finding a beam of light that I can ride until I feel much better.

I've had some bad weeks, and I've had some good days. It makes me sad at times, but what I really have been missing is my art. I've really been neglectful about doing it. So I decided about a week or so ago, to get to it again. Even if it was just to do some backgrounds. And I finished a page.

Right now I'm taking Roben Marie's Art Journal Conversion e-course and it is fabulous. Learning so much, and I love how soft her pages always look and I've been struggling with that. So it's nice to see her process and give some new products a try. I just received my first order from Blue Moon Scrapbooking and some new goodies from Roben Marie's shop, so I'm anxious to get playing again.

But for now, I'll show off some of my latest pages. And I'll be back later this week with probably a first page or two from Roben Marie's workshop. I've been marking down other workshops to take later too, such as Life Book, Boot Camp and others that I have pinned at Pinterest. If you've taken one you liked, let me know in the comments. Have a great week.