Sunday, June 26, 2011

A New Passion

I've been playing more and more with hybrid projects, that is traditional paper scrapbooking combined with digital products. But now I've found a new type of hobby that really has sparked a passion.

Paul suggested that I look up some videos on You Tube and I found some videos by another Canadian showing people how to get started in art journalling. The truth is, I didn't want to start art journalling. I just wanted to learn how to use watercolour pencils, and I found her channel. Her name on You Tube is Journal Artista, and she also has a UStream that I'm starting to follow. You can find her blog at

I've never considered art journaling because quite frankly I can't draw. And that's held me back artistically. But now, here's this medium that ALLOWS me to be imperfect, and the more imperfect the better. So I took a trip out to Michaels, and found most of what she recommended to get started. I knew from her videos that this is something I just wanted to dive into!

And here's the result of my first dabbling into art journaling. Now, keep in mind, this was done very quickly. Probably took me no more than one hour to make. But boy was it fun!

So Paula, thank you for helping me find this fun new passion that will hopefully grow, and help me learn to be more creative and let go.