Sunday, December 22, 2013

My gift to you is my trust in you

What an absolutely stunning kit to work with this month! December's Trust kit is the perfect blend of soft muted tones, feminine prints and symbolism.

When it came time to thinking about trust, and how I gave my trust, how I receive trust, how it impacts my life, I automatically think of my husband. Finding this quote about trust really nailed the concept down for me. It's easy to think externally when it comes to the word trust. We think of people we trust, but what did it say of me?

This quote really said a lot to me about what trust was, particularly when it comes from me. While I often thought externally when I thought of trust, that is, who I trusted, or what I trusted, I decided to think about what it said of me. What existed within me to give that trust? How did that trust impact my life? And the kit really helped me think about that, with its symbolic border sticker/patterned paper, the sentiments on the word art, all of it. Being alone with my husband I can trust myself to be myself, because our commitment to each other runs that deep. After all, that's who we fell in love with - the real him and the real me. Why would I feel a need to be different around him otherwise?

December's Trust kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out
Being together makes me truly happy, and maybe that's because I trust him so much. That trust removes any additional weight I may have had to bear at work, or in the public, when I might have to show professionalism, or be more patient than I would have liked. I might have had a hard day just being what I thought I needed to be in particular moments, rather than just being myself. 

Maybe that's why I decided to edge with black this month, because it's a reflection of what's being kept on the outside - the bad day, the bad feelings. And I realized that I don't give my trust easily, but when I do, it can be soft, beautiful and give me so much happiness.