Saturday, June 29, 2013

A joyful transformation!

Happy long weekend to my Canadian friends! It's hard to believe that the end of June is right around the corner! Where did it go? I've been spending more time in my craft room thanks to some cooler weather and I got to pull out some photos that were a blast from the past.

Sometimes the quality of your snapshots are professional grade, but you still want to use them. I thought all the pictures of my niece in her toddler years were gone. I managed to find some and decided to scrapbook them since Scrapbooking from the Inside Out's June kit was about transformation, and she's now a teenager.

She's grown into such a special young woman, and I forget sometimes how much time has gone by and how much she's changed since she was a sweet toddler.

Using Scrapbooking from the Inside Out's June Transformation kit

Because these photos are so precious to me, I made sure to use my Helmar's Zapdots and Helmar's Professional Acid-free Glue so that they will stay true for a long time.

Scrapbooking this made me think about how often we don't pull out our cameras for every day shots because they don't seem like special moments. But if you've lost photos of entire years of someone's childhood, due to flood or fire, or worse, lost someone you love, wouldn't you want to have as many pictures of moments spent with them?

Take all the pictures you can of the people you love now, even the every day moments, because they are moments that you'll treasure for always.

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