Friday, April 05, 2013

I Loved making this canvas!

It's been an incredible week! It's Friday and I am so happy about that...not because it was a hard week. There was a lot to do and pressures to be sure. But it's been a week where I've been feeling in control, and appreciated. Appreciated by peers, and loved by family.

This month I finally got back to doing some art canvases. This is my first love of mixed media, one that I used to do fairly regularly but got away from. So it felt really good to get back into it. I did this piece on a canvas board and have it framed on my mantle now.

Mixed media canvas board using Scrapbooking from the Inside Out's April Fortune kit.
Everyone who knows me knows I cannot have a layout without flowers. It's not in my nature. No pun intended! So I had to create this layered flower using my Sizzix machine from the yummy papers! I threw in a few other flowers from my stash and some ribbons that I had as well. I used Helmar 450 Quick Dry glue to allow me to have a bit of flexibility to move them if I needed to while making the layout, and at the same time make sure that it would have a solid sticking factor, especially since it was going to be moved around from time to time. I also used some Golden Light Molding Paste through a Prima brick stencil to give the layout some additional texture, while toning down the bright numbers that I didn't want overpowering the picture.

When's the last time you decided to create a layout on something other than paper? Try it out! It's a great easy way to create home decor that you'll see every day, and it's just as easy!

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Natalie Hall said...

I love how you layered the modelling paste over the stamps. The entire page has energy, including the great photo of you and your DH. LOVE IT!!!