Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You are worth it!

If you follow my galleries, you'll find that there is one message that consistently turns up in my journaling, whether it be on scrapbook layouts, or art journaling. That message is that you ultimately are responsible for your own happiness. This piece of wisdom is one that I will always treasure. I remember when my mother told me this, and to this day it still resonates with me. I think it is partly what gives me strength when going through tough times.

If you've had rough days, weeks or months and you just feel like throwing in the towel, it goes without saying that you aren't alone. And today when browsing Facebook, I saw a meme that resonated with me, and a friend's words go along with it. Samie Kira Harding (aka Journal Girl) runs online workshops and has a Ning site for art journalers. I happen to be a member of her Creative Warriors group. The group is designed for people who have chronic illnesses or need support in one way or another. And one thing I admire about Samie is that she tells it like it is, but she one thing she stands by is that while we may have a chronic illness, we are by no means victims. That message is slowly drilling itself into my heart and my being.

And it complements my mother's own sage advice. Because if we take the attitude that we are victims, we are relinquishing control over our happiness. Being responsible for your own happiness means that you take control. If it doesn't make you happy, change something. Change the circumstance. Change the outcome. Or change your attitude. And that last one my friends is the hardest. It is a difficult thing to accept something as hard as chronic illness and decide to change our attitude. But I am a firm believer that changing your attitude is truly the key to getting past the pain, the despair, and finding hope and strength again.

Using the Respect kit for the month of March, from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out

And for having that understanding I will never be able to thank Samie, and most of all my mother, enough for their wise words that have given me tools to use when things look like they are hopeless.

So if you feel like you wish things were different, make them so. Take courage and change something. Find support from friends, like people who are going through the same issues, like I did with Creative Warriors. Journal out your feelings and take a look at what you've written to give yourself more clarity as to what you can do to change the situation. 

It is not easy to decide not to be the victim. It's a hard personal journey to take, but like any journey, the destination is usually worth it.

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Last Diva Standing said...

i love that you don't only show the "life is great and awesome"layouts only,but your more personal ones w your "scrapbooking from the inside out.Kind of sad that we have to give our ourselves attitude adjustments.i think the pic you chose is perfect,and the soft colours are zen like.fab job Kiki!