Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rise Up ... we did!

I quite often get asked how I met my husband, given that he is from the USA and me in Canada. That's not the only obstacle we had to hurdle. He's also from the Pacific Northwest, and I'm in the East. So it's safe to say that we didn't run in the same circles.

As you might expect, we met on the internet. Now, I'll start off my saying that it is not for everyone. You need to go into that type of relationship with eyes wide open and a head on your shoulders. There are definitely risks involved in long distance relationships.

When I got this month's kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, I thought long and hard about the risks I've taken in my life, and if or how they paid off. By far, the biggest risk I've ever taken in my life is giving my heart to a man who lived almost a continent away. But it was also the risk with the biggest pay off so far. We both decided to take the risk and rise up above any challenges that the long distance relationship might throw our way.

So when I chose to scrapbook this long-distance union, I decided to use a quote that I recently heard and love..."Take the step. The bridge will be there." I thought it worked perfectly with the photos of my husband and I at Montmorency Falls in Quebec.

So now that we've crossed the bridge, we look at our future risks as a couple, and look for the opportunities in life, rather than the possible hardships.

Why not visit SFTIO during our month long Online Crop? You may find a few challenges there that will make you think more about making your pages meaningful.

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Last Diva Standing said...

cool stamping and the paper flower and heart(tissue??)the colours are fab.