Friday, January 18, 2013

Zany to Zen in the same day? I don't think so!

Just a quick post for tonight dear friends. Have you had one of those days where the pendulum of life was swinging from one extreme to another and back again. I've had quite a few of those more recently. So why not scrapbook a page about it? With Scrapbooking from the Inside Out's January kit Harmony, it just seemed to fit. After all, most times I'd love to have some peaceful harmonious moments in my life. But that's not how life works. A lot of the time, we have the more zany moments.

I really enjoyed doing this layout. I tried to use a little more symbolism than I normally do... the embellies on the zany side are more playful and whimsical, while the embellies on the zen side are more elegant.

I really had fun making this layout. It's a crazy picture of me, but I'm glad someone took it because it really shows off part of me.

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Last Diva Standing said...

that pic of us,seems to making the looked so scared.
your choice of paper is bang on,soft for the zen,and the large chevron for the zany.great idea for a layout.I wonder if I can find a "zen" moment...