Saturday, June 09, 2012

Wallack's Warehouse Sale haul!!

I love a deal as much as the next gal! Really I do, but sometimes I am just not sure whether a morning in bed outweighs a really good deal. Fortunately, today was not a day where I had that kind of thinking. A friend of mine had posted about Wallack's Warehouse Sale, which happens one day a year, and said she was going. I looked at the poster. Hmmm... easels, stretched canvas, paints, books, scrapbook materials. I'm in. All in. 

So I got up this morning with hubby, at 6 a.m. (I hate that he likes long slow mornings to get ready for work) and went downstairs ready to drive him to work and tackle the day.

Boy am I glad I did. I got there before the doors opened and there were only about twenty of us there. But after the doors opened and people started pouring in, there were well over a hundred in the warehouse. Space was cramped but I didn't stay long, so I didn't mind. I knew what I was going for, so it's not like I really was checking every single product out. I ruled out the canvases because I wanted to be able to walk the stuff back to my car. So I went for the art journals, books, and paints, even inks would be a great find.

Here's a picture of what I came back with, minus one item:

Artist Brush Pens, sketchbook similar to Moleskine (80 gsm), book on drawing
palette sheets and a large 8.5 X 11 inch sketchbook (100 gsm paper)

Royal Langnickel acrylic brushes, 2 sharpie pens, 3 packages of scrapbook trim
1 tube of Liquitex Acrylic Basics, 3 bottles Liquitex soft body acrylic,
and various inks, along with two large plastic jars for my craftroom

The kicker was what I picked up right as we came into the warehouse. I got my easel. It's a nice professional desktop easel in wood (not sure what kind). Now that I had my craft room set up, I could use the other table I had in the other room for the easel and painting!

I'm sorry....does that really say $12???
 Here's the easel I got. Gorgeous and no flaws in it. Just discounted!

Now much did I get all this stuff for? That's what you are really asking, right? Less than the original price of the easel. I got all of it, taxes included for less than $55!! The inks, paints were $1 a piece, and the books and brushes, markers were all crazy discounts! I should have stayed to look longer, but now I know what to expect for next year, and I'm not going alone next time!

It's the start of a great weekend!!!


judifoster said...

Oh my goodness - what a great haul and a beautiful easel! Nice you have room to set up and easel now. By the by are you ever going to stream again. I liked your streams!

Lorena said...

Great finds! I'll be looking forward to this next year for sure. Wish I had known about it this year. As I too am just finishing up my craft room.