Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't you just love warm spring mornings on weekends. The kind that makes you jump out of bed and go straight to the craft room? Oh, come on now, I'm sure that's not just me. Okay, well it's true that most of us will put on the coffee, and then have a cup of that dark liquid gold and suddenly mojo flows through the veins. It was that kind of weekend. I was on top of the world this weekend. For good reason. I had a long weekend to enjoy with my husband, sunshine, for the first time in many days, and warm sunshine. Not to mention happy emails and messages. Life was good. And it still is.

Prove to yourself that you can accomplish anything

Details of the layers
You can't tell very well from the picture above but the blue is metallic, which I painted some time ago and left undone. I have several pages like that in this journal, which makes it so much easier to get started with a quick page. This page took about half an hour. Art journaling need not be a long endeavour. Putting paint to paper is a great way to begin. You never know how things will end when you come back to the page later.

Enjoy your week everyone, and see what you can accomplish with small steps this week.

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