Monday, January 09, 2012

More play time!

Three-day weekends are great for getting things accomplished. Like housework that you've fallen behind on. And catching up on online art workshops that you bought over the holidays. 

I started three new pages yesterday. One for the Strathmore Doodles Unleashed workshop by Traci Bautista. Fun, but totally out of my comfort zone.

I like how this page turned out, and it won't be the last time I do this kind of mixed media page. At the very least, this page will be used as cut-out elements for other pages.

I think some of these closeups will be used in other projects, possibly digital scrapbooking or hybrid projects.

 Here are the other two pages that are almost complete:

I'm in love with this texture!

Have a great week everyone, and think about arting at least a little bit each day.


happyDiane said...

your projects are fantastic, I would be afraid to try the doodles.

shazza said...

Thats all turned out absolutely AWESOME. Im loving Tracis class although Ive not yet done anything like you have. I LOVE yoiu pages