Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A wonderful arty holiday!

Up until yesterday I really didn't think I'd accomplish much this holiday. Eleven days off work. Eleven. In a row. What I could do with that time, I thought on my last day at work. I was convinced that I would either have my craft room set up, or the entertainment room set up and decorated. And perhaps I would get to do those three canvases I've been meaning to do. But no.

I relaxed. I slept in. And it was wonderful! And the muse came to visit in all her glory yesterday, and she's decided to stay for a short visit. I'm thrilled.

First let me tell you about my first accomplishment during my time off. The amazing Effy Wild is offering a wonderful course which will last the whole year. It's called Book of Days. And so many talented artist have joined and are showing off their altered books. Best of all, it's FREE! So I've been playing along with these very talented artists and making my own altered book which will contain my journal in 2012.

My word for 2012 is Serenity.

I used a book that I got at a garage sale this year, one that had sewn signatures, and took out about one third of the pages. Then I went to town with gesso, Sei Tumble Dye inks, Glimmer Mist, modelling paste, stencils, you name it. 

Next I decided that if I was going to join the Life Book course this was the time to do it. So I joined up and chose the World of Whimsy II course as my extra. And I have to say Tam is very entertaining as a teacher, but she gets her message across and so far I really like the course. And I'm only on week one. I worked on some homework and I need practice for sure, but it's been fun exploring this kind of drawing.

Now I don't pretend to do whimsy well, but any drawing class is going to be more training than I have now. And considering I did this little sweetie in about a half hour, I am happy with her.

And finally I sat down to finish my Art Journal Conversion journals. I adore Roben Marie Smith's style and wanted to learn how she did her layered art work with inks and paints. I've watched all her videos and tried to absorb what I could to no avail. So I broke down and bought the online course. So glad I did! It's been an eye opener and although the journals themselves are very much in Roben Marie's style, the course did help me learn how to layer and how to work through ugly stages to get to the point where I'm very happy with the art piece.

My finished, stitched art journals

I think I might just give away this beauty!

Look below for the giveaway info.

Inside is one signature of white cardstock 65 lb paper. There are a total of 25 pages (5.5 inches by 8.5 inches). It would be a lovely art journal to use as a "smash" book type of journal, or a sketchbook. The paper would also be great for collage, although I don't think it would do well with wet medium.

For the other journals, I think I'll be putting them up for sale. I'm not sure where yet, but if you happen to follow me on Facebook, and see them in my photo albums, you can message me an offer on them.

If you'd like to be in on the giveaway, comment on this blog and make sure that you don't use an anonymous login, because I'll need to contact you to send it off to you. I will draw a winner's name on January 14, 2012. 

So stay tuned for more arting fun!


DVO said...

what a beautiful piece of art

Carol B. said...

Lots of beautiful book art.

Minxy said...

Well considering your info says your a digital designer Kiki I'd have to say your totally rocking the arty painty stuff !! Loving the journal pages x

Robyn (RedDogGirl) said...

Those journals and pages you've made are fantastic!! I love Roben Marie Smith's work too. You may have inspired me to sign up for her class! Thanks for the chance to win one of your AMAZING creations!

cheercfa07 said...

Super cute! I love the whimsical design!

cheercfa07 at aol dot com

Unknown said...

What fabulous pages - my own art journalling goes in fits and starts - so far 5 days of holiday and one page to show for it.

Pure said...

Oh, Kiki! Those colors are so beautiful on your Book! I must say that I am not going to look into the courses you are talking about on here and possibly sign up for one! Thank you for the delightful giveaway you are presenting, here is to my good luck! :-)

shazza said...

OOoooh Aaaaaah, I thought Id commented but I mayve thought Id do it when my connection sped up. I sooo hope Im in in time. I love the layers in your pages so much Im tempted to do this course too, Ill have to get the info from you & hope theyll do it later in the year maybe. I love the idea of being able tpo work through the ugliness to get to the finished product as I get to a point & dont want to go any further as I dont want it to get ugly & if it does Ive got no idea how to get out of it. Id soooo LOVE to win this as its sooo beautiful & Id devour the cover for ages before working on filling it up. I certainly do need a sketch book. Thanks for the giveaway & an awesome piece of your Art at that

Victoria said...

This a totally and utterly wonderful piece of art! I am in awe of its beauty. The heart pops out and the colours flow so incredibly well together! Im truly inspired! Thanks!!