Monday, September 17, 2012

I scraplifted... myself! Digital to Paper

I used to think that I would never scrapbook using paper. Digitally I could resize photos and crop them in an instant. I could resize elements to fit the layout. I could layer and shadow and make anything look realistic. But there is one thing that I learned today that I never understood until today. Despite being able to create a layout that looks virtually like a paper layout, it was not as satisfying as creating the same layout with paper.

Oh sure, I wish I had an abundance of items on hand to almost replicate what I did digitally, but the accomplishment I feel after having spent time looking through my stash for the right paper, the right spray, the perfect elements, well it's awesome. I sat down and looked at what I had in front of me, and I used what I had on hand, and what I didn't, I manage to improvise. And I love the final product.

Here's the original layout done about a year ago, digitally using Photoshop CS3:

It was definitely a challenge making this layout using a variety of elements from different designers and trying to get a cohesive feeling from it. I really loves the final product. That's why I decided to scraplift it. And here's the result (click the photo for a larger image):

I loved working with the leaf skeletons and the different flowers, and ribbons. I had a lot of fun, winding that rope through the title as well. I had done it digitally before but this was a first for paper.

It's not an exact replica obviously. I took a two photo layout and made it one photo. I changed the title location. I used slightly different colours. But I love it. I'm definitely going to put this one in a shadow box and frame it. I love this photo, and remembering the day and how perfect the light was.

I really hope you think about scraplifting yourself and seeing how you can change something up, especially if your style has changed over the years.

Hope you had a good weekend, and stay tuned for more fun later this week!


Nikkiana said...

Wow! That's gorgeous as a paper layout!

Get 2 Scrappin' said...

Oh... I think the paper one looks amazing! All those layers that you can really feel... that would be awesome! I haven't paper scrapped in ages... maybe I should give it a go again. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Debbi Tehrani said...

Wow! These are both amazing! Awesome layering and design. Gorgeous use of color! I'd love for you to come play at my color challenge, CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration --

Judy said...

I do like digital layouts because you can do anything with them. I've made a few myself (I use CS3 InDesign only because it's easier than Photoshop for me). However, for me paper will always be my #1 choice. I think it adds a warmth to a layout that no matter how hard you try, you just can't get from digital. Your digital page is beautiful but despite all the efforts to create depth with shadow, etc., it lacks the dimension that a paper layout has. You did a fantastic job recreating it on paper!

Ava Gavloski said...

KiKi great conversion from digi to paper.......... interesting concept