Saturday, January 14, 2012

Experimentation is a good thing!

You never know how things are going to go for you from one day to the next. It's what makes life exciting at times, and tragic at others. And sometimes things just seem to fall into place and leave you wondering how it happened. Patterns emerge, leaving people with beliefs of déja vu and kismet.

Today I had one of those moments. I worked on a journal page last night and just sprayed some inks that I thought I liked together, and left it to sit until today's live stream. I decided that the whole page was an experiment. Try things, like it or not, and accept them or work through them. I like how it turned out.

I really liked the colour scheme and wanted to create contrast, both in texture and in colour.

And I decided to experiment again with my modeling paste and just distress the tops with two accent colours. Liked it a lot. Finished the page I think.

Then I got home from the post office and opened my package from Blue Moon Scrapbooking. And then I had one of those moments. A pattern emerged and I thought, well, it's kismet. I ordered two magazines from them some time back. Check the colour schemes of not just one but both magazines:

Is it possible that way back in my creative memory I saw these colours and decided to use them, even including the small dusting of pink on my page? Maybe so. Karma, kismet, déja vu... I just call it one of my favourite pages yet. 

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