Monday, June 01, 2020

Relationship Goals and a New Challenge Jar

So glad you could be here with me today. I wanted to share a beautiful layout that I made of my inlaws when we last visited in October. Boy that seems so far away now, and it really is. But the feelings from these photos are just as fresh in my mind as ever. I didn't have the perfect background, and I didn't have the perfect lighting but it was the perfect moment to take these snapshots.

Snapshots. We all have them. Do you scrapbook them or think that they aren't worthy of a page. Because I did. And then I realized that I have boxes of snapshots with no story attached to them, and I needed to document them. So I started here.

If you want to see how I made this page, using the sketch I found at Cookin' Up Creations, then check out the process video below.

And be sure to subscribe to the channel to see how I'm going to be using my new Challenge Jar (which is really just a mug). I explain all about how that will work in this video below, where I create a homemade scrapbook kit.

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