Sunday, June 23, 2013

Getting mixed up with Gauche Alchemy

This past week, the Helmar Hotties had the opportunity to play with a lovely mixed media kit from Gauche Alchemy. It was a wonderful array of old magazines papers, newspapers, beads, lace, sequin waste and more.

You can do so much with a kit like this with a little imagination. I personally fell in love with the dance pictures that I found on a couple of pages torn from a magazine. They envisaged ballet in different media, from photography, and fine arts. I immediately knew that I wanted them to be the focus of my canvases. Well, canvas, really, since I worked on only one at first. I knew later that I wanted the finished piece to have a sister piece so that they could be hung together on our walls.

I used quite a bit of Helmar adhesive on these two canvases. I used Helmar Decoupage & Craft Paste to adhere the papers onto the canvas. I used Helmar Fabric Glue for most of the fabrics. For some of the beads and buttons, I used Helmar Gemstone Glue and Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive.

The sister piece is the same size, except portrait instead of landscape. Here I used the dash of colour from the watercolour as a highlight...

I had a lot of fun playing with this kit, and I know that Gauche Alchemy is an amazing place for getting your art journaling and mixed media kits and products. I go to them time and again for my sequin waste or punchinella.

I hope you've enjoyed your weekend as much as I have mine!

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