Saturday, December 01, 2012

Just remember to breathe

This past week's been especially challenging. I know... so many people are really busy. I'm not the only soul on earth that has just way to much to do. But lately it's been chaotic. That's the only way to describe it really. Work was strenuous, and demanded too much of my energy, leaving me with nothing left by the time I got home. But work around the house still has to get done. And everything all combined put me over the edge. Friday I couldn't lift my arms, pains were shooting in my legs, and work was definitely out of the question. I spent most of the day in bed trying to recuperate, and get some strength back.

I managed to find a little energy today to complete a challenge for a site that I recently found that really speaks to me: Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. This past month's challenges have all been centred around mindfulness, or being aware. I completed one of the challenges today on focus.

My focus lately has been on my pain levels. And that's not where I want it to be. So this layout is more or less about changing my focus, taking one moment at a time, and remembering to just breathe.

I used Teresa Collins Vintage Chic paper, a doily, and a cut out bingo card from the same paper line first. Then I added some lace, some Prima resist canvas, some flowers and the journaling card. I'm very happy that Leanne from Mad About Scrappin' decided to throw in some doilies for me when she sent my kit. They added just the right touch to the layout I think.

I'm glad I took this challenge, because this week, boy did I need it. I reminded myself that this weekend, even though I am not working, I still need to keep my focus, watch my energy levels, and then I can move on to tackle other projects.

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