Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Twice as nice

A few posts back, I told you about my scrapping day at Auntie Em's in Cornwall. When I went to the crop, I really didn't have a few select photos to choose from to scrapbook. I had quite a few prints with me from our latest trip to Quebec. I had already scrapped one, but I thought I'd pull out a couple more that I liked and make a more elaborate page with them.

Only once I got home did I realize that I had already scrapped one of the photos with the same Prima Song Bird collection. At first I thought "Doh!" but then I realized that I guess that says that I really love that photo, and cherish that moment. So it's not a foible after all. It's just twice as nice.

Have you ever made more than one layout using the same photo? On purpose? What were your reasons?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful layout Kiki! I love the flowers at the top -- they look like a canopy for you and your DH. Very romantic and very soft.

I have scrapped the same photo in two different layouts by mistake. No one really noticed until I pointed it and then I had to change the picture!

Last Diva Standing said...

what a romantic laayout!the photo must speak to you,for you to use it twice,lol.

I have scrapped the same photos,but more along the lines of using them for the subject ie christmas and then in a mother/son layout.