Wednesday, June 27, 2012

She Art canvas gift from a proud aunt

So this week I am on holidays, and am taking the time to get around to organizing that needed doing, and I wanted to be able to have some time to just sit, relax, read a book and get around to my art work. I've taken so many courses in the last year, and I've hardly put them into something to hang or decorate my apartment.

But this week I had a piece in mind. You see, my darling niece graduated from elementary school this year, and she won a language arts award. Only two were awarded this year, and she received one of them. She's been taking school in French immersion, and is doing so well. She's a natural born reader, and loves books and writing. I cannot say just how proud I am of my darling niece. 

She's had a hard couple years now, dealing with things that I'm sure would have thrown adults off kilter. But she's weathered it, and she is growing into a beautiful young woman. So when I thought of giving her a gift, I thought that I would make her a canvas that would remind her of that fact, especially in hard times, when self-doubt creeps in. 

I really hope she enjoys this canvas, and keeps it in her room as a reminder that to fly - you only need to find your wings and soar.

8 X 10 inch canvas

A closeup of the textures

She found her wings and soared


Nikkiana said...

Wow! That's beautiful. I'm sure she'll love it!

happyDiane said...

oh my stars!! You did good Auntie!! I'm sure that she will love it!