Saturday, August 27, 2011

More fun with different styles!

I've been playing again lately. Trying out new styles, new techniques. Lately I've been trying to work with gesso and colour washes or stains. I've also been trying to make my style but with a twist. This much I style is not Teesha Moore style or even really a Smash-book kind of style. I do like collage, but I don't collage memorabilia. What I do love, and it's in my designs both in digital scrapbooking and art journaling is grunge. I definitely have a knack for grunge. I love the loose creativity of it. I've never been one to doodle, or draw, and grunge suits me for sure.

But how do you make grunge happy? or feminine? This was my challenge. And I've been following a new blog called Art Squared, where two of my friends, with different styles, provide a weekly challenge. So, I gave it a go. And I went for a happy page. Here's the result:

I'm really liking using the watercolours, acrylics, distress stains and charcoal or oil pastels to highlight different elements. Yep, I'm thinking that this is pretty much me, even if it is a little happier than most of my pages. It was a fun challenge and I have to say that I enjoyed it because I learned!


Eileen said...

Beautiful page!

Melita said...

Love it Kiki! Great stuff!