Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finally, some warmer weather!

I don't seem to recall in any of my memories such an odd spring. I remember long winters and short spring seasons. I remember weeks of beautiful sunshine, but too cold to wear shorts, and then suddenly needing to find the shorts and tank tops almost overnight. But a spring like this...nope. Can't say I remember anything like this before.

Winter wasn't that bad for us here this year. Mild winter overall, with not too much snow. Not like Paul's first winter here where we got 14 feet of snow. No, that's not a typo. We got 14 feet. Of snow. In one winter. It was not my favourite winter to be sure. But Paul loved it. This winter was pretty mild, with some cold snaps, but certainly nothing to complain about. And then spring hit. And hit it did. It went into the 30s in March. That's Celcius people. We hit the 30s in late June or July. And it lasted about a week. Then it went down. Thank goodness. But it stayed in the 20s for a while. Which made all of us winter-weary Canucks feel like we had to have dirt under our fingernails from putting in our gardens. "Wait!" I told Paul. Wait until Victoria Day, May 24th. That's the sign. The blessed day when you can safely plant around here. And then we got hit with snow and temperatures below zero. Well, sorry to say, we lost the blueberry plant. It seems to have died with the frost and snow this past weekend. And it seems that the corn planted may die or rot as well. Now Paul believes me.

But at last our real spring weather is here and Paul is going to start building our raised bed for our vegetable garden and I'm so excited about it. We are doing a square foot garden to try and take advantage of every bit of space dedicated to the garden in our small stamp-sized backyard. But at least it's our backyard and not shared this time. And it gets full sun. And it is fenced. Hurrah for moving! So hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll find my shorts and t-shirts and be able trot around the backyard without blinding anyone with my lily-white legs.

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